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Re:Back again with mOrders

    Nov 23 2016 15:31:47


    Ian S

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    Hi Francie,

    We had a similar problem with MOrders during (I think) 2014. Overnight MOrders, which had been reliable for the previous 6 years, suddenly would not download orders.
    Turned out that this was due to some setting Mal had to change in the admin to keep it up to date and secure. The unforeseen problem though was that any installations of MOrders on Windows XP would no longer talk to the admin server.

    So we went out and bought a new PC running windows 10 which has been ok.

    We did have a blip a few months ago when the database became corrupt but we managed to re-install it ok.

    We have never used the archive feature built into MOrders – we just take regular copies of the database file as a separate backup. As a result, MOrders lists every order taken since 2009 which is handy for searching customer histories etc.

    Don’t you have copies of old versions of the database on your system backups (you do regular backups right ?) .

    Re-installing the database is a bit hit and miss in our experience – we have a operate PC that also runs Windows 10 and no matter how we try, we can’t get it to run properly on that machine even when all settings etc look identical.

    I agree with you regarding the database file not looking as though it has updated, even when new orders have been downloaded and the program has been closed and re-opened – bit of a mystery why this is but the new data is retained.

    If you search the forum history you should find a thread from August 2013 which was started by someone having similar problems – there is a post from me included which lists a routine for re-installing the database which worked for us. Might be worth a try,

    You can always e mail mal direct – he usually responds in a couple of days max.