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PayPal UK is running a webinar

    Nov 25 2016 16:08:58


    Debbie Q

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    Mal posted this on facebook if anyone is interesting. Sounds very interesting.

    PayPal UK are running a webinar which looks interesting and they think may be helpful to users. These are the detals:
    PayPal is hosting a webinar for SMBs. ‘Selling in a Smartphone Society’ which takes place on 30 November at 2pm GMT.
    In this webinar, Victoria Molyneux founder of Want That Trend, talks with Gareth O’Neill from Facebook and Nicola Longfield from PayPal about how social media and mobile shopping is helping grow her retail business.
    You can register and listen to the webinar:

    Webinar background
    Want That Trend know how shoppers use smartphones. By building a 1.3 million strong community on Facebook - and making it easy to buy on mobile – Victoria grew transaction volume by 197% in a year. Now 87% of sales come from customers on mobile phones.
    The webinar will be hosted by PayPal’s Director of SMB, Nicola Longfield. Facebook’s Gareth O’Neill is also on hand to tell us how businesses from other sectors are making sales from social media.
    Join our webinar get ideas for your online store - build a customer community, put your own spin on product shots, turn mobile browsers into buyers and grow your business.

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