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Re:k-meleon browser

    Dec 01 2016 15:30:56



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    I am still having problems on this site with the AddToBasket script.

    Yes the design is not perfect yet and there may be errors. I really need to know before I go much further if one of those errors is the problem or something more fundamental.

    I have also tried the GT script for this but that relies on nocart and a return url. Each of the products is put on the page via an include as they may be on different pages. So it can't have a return url as the main page could be different.

    The AddToBasket script is as follows an is in an external file called add.js

    <!-- ADD IT
    // 2004 JY Coding

    function AddToBasket(what){

    if (what.elements){
    for (i=0;i<what.elements.length; i++){
    string += "&""="+what.elements.value;
    else {
    document.addtobasket.src= string;
    alert(" This item is now in your basket. To view your purchases click the BASKET Link on the left side of the Nav Bar ");
    return false;
    document.writeln('<IMG NAME="addtobasket" HEIGHT=1 WIDTH=1 BORDER=0>');

    The code in each item just needs the following adding

    <form action=""; method="post" onSubmit="return AddToBasket(this)">

    Any thoughts would be appreciated - its driving me mad today.

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