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Dropdown with multipricing error?

    Dec 12 2016 15:55:44



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    Good morning,
    I'm sure there's a silly easy answer to this but I've been wracking my brain for an hour or so and still can't solve my problem. I've created code for a button that drops multiple items with multiple prices. I can see it on my page, but when I click "add to cart," the item doesn't go to the cart, though my browser does. Please help!

    <form action="";; method="POST"><input name="userid" type="HIDDEN" value="A7416905"/>

    <select name="productpr">
    <option value="Single Magnet, New London:7">Single Magnet, New London</option>
    <option value="Single Magnet, State House:7">Single Magnet, State House</option>
    <option value="Single Magnet, New Haven:7">Single Magnet, New Haven</option>
    <option value="Single Magnet, Hartford:7">Single Magnet, Hartford</option>
    <option value="Single Magnet, Bridgeport:7">Single Magnet, Bridgeport</option>
    <option value="Single Magnet, Logo:7">Single Magnet, Logo</option>
    <option value="City Magnet Set:30">City Magnet Set</option>
    </select><input type="Submit" value="Add to cart"></form>


    Dec 12 2016 16:17:19



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    Hi Jen,

    I see you are using as the form address admulti.cfm but you only have one product, so you should use add.cfm

    If you are using productpr as the select name, you need to use a quantity of the product as well.

    You are not sending the buyer back to your website to continue shopping, do you need to look at that?

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    Dec 12 2016 17:05:55



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    THANK YOU! I knew there was an easy solution. Yeah, I need to add a back feature and dig up a "view cart' button. I knew this stuff backwards and forwards 8 or 9 years ago, but I"m rusty now :)