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Printing my own details on the 'Display this order' page.

    Dec 13 2016 02:41:49



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    For years I've been printing the 'Display this order' page and using it as my receipt to include with the goods that I send out. Its worked fine for me, but I would like to include my business name and address on that page. (In the past I have just attached a separate page with those details).

    At the moment the page starts with the Shopper ID, Date, and IP address.
    Is there some way to include my details and possibly a short message on this page?

    Thanks, David

    Dec 17 2016 08:21:46



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    Possibly the new Order Processing? Still in beta - pdf here

    Or a 3rd Party Addon like Advanced Receipts

    Sherri Owen
    Making Mal's Even Simpler