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This is very strange-different order dates

    Dec 14 2016 23:50:17


    Cherylann Stachow

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    I received about 20 order notifications between 7:17 & 7:18 this morning. What was really weird was in the actual email of each it showed my copy of the order with todays date and todays time. However when I looked up the actual email in Mals these were actually orders that came in on the 12th at completely different times. I have never had this happen and am at a loss as to how it could have happened. Any ideas?

    Dec 15 2016 05:03:32


    Debbie Q

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    The orders were probably stuck in queue and got unstuck and sent all at once.

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    Dec 17 2016 08:11:10



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    I noticed some that the order date was different (a day / few hours) in advance. So I'm thinking the time zone may be different at the Mal's server, too.

    Sherri Owen
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