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How can I install mOrders for all users?

    Dec 26 2016 14:57:06


    Raymond G Sanders

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    This is a re-post with a clearer description of the problem.
    Has anyone successfully installed mOrders Free 4.05 for "all users"? Even though the option is available when installing, my experience is that mOrders works correctly for 1 user only. Here's why: mOrders keeps a database in C:\\Program Files (x86)\Mals e-commerce\mOrders 4 free\db\mOrders.tdbd. But when a different PC user runs mOrders from their own login, it apparently loads a database in C:\Users\[username]\Appdata\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Mals e-commerce\mOrders 4 free\db, making it unique to that user only. Changes made by that user, like loading new orders or deleting old orders, are not made to the "common" database. When a different user logs on and runs mOrders, they don't see changes made by other users. I know mOrders is old and unsupported but I bet lots of folks still use it. Has anyone installed and used it successfully for "all users" and if so, how?