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Add a fee for using a credit card

    Jan 07 2017 00:48:17



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    I am fed up with all the fees Visa and MC keep adding to charge me more and I want to start automatically adding a fixed fee to every order using a credit card for payment. Not for PayPal, however. How can I do this? If Visa or MC want to terminate me, fine. But, I seem to recall that a few years ago it was deemed OK to do this. I just want it done automatically by the cart with a fixed amount set by me.

    Jan 15 2017 11:26:58



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    talk to visa and mc, we did and they put our fees down.

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    Feb 11 2017 11:37:03



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    Hi, I don't like all the fees either, but I understand you are not allowed to add fees under a credit card agreement, but others add a handling fee. I wish Mal would add an option to add a percentage or fixed amount for credit card handling fee, but there is no option at the moment, other posts have asked. So how to get over this? Increase your prices by 5%, then offer a 5% discount for cash, 3% discount for Bank Transfer, cheque. Lazy clickers pay the fee in the price. This works fine for me.