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VAT on Shipping

    Feb 07 2017 18:23:51



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    Hi GT,

    It still does not solve my problem. I have tried it with the box ticked and not ticked and the rate set to 20% and 0%. I either get VAT always added to shipping or never added to shipping. There does not seem to be an option to make shipping dependent on the tax status of items in the cart.

    Thanks, Ian

    Feb 08 2017 10:49:30



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    That would seem to me to be a fault, I would email Mal about it.

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    Feb 08 2017 22:47:25



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    VAT Free goods are VAT Free.

    Shipping is charged VAT, it's a service.

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    Feb 09 2017 08:13:08



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    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Feb 09 2017 08:58:01



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    Hi GT,

    Many thanks for your advice. I'll email Mal and see what happens.

    Hi Don,

    My accountant has done some serious research on this and it isn't that simple as Alan says. There are definitely circumstances where you should not charge VAT on shipping.

    I tested this on Amazon and if you order just a book, they charge 2.99 postage with no VAT. If you add a DVD to your order, the final summary says that postage is now 2.99 including 0.50 VAT.


    Feb 09 2017 10:33:55



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    I emailed Mal and got a reply. Apparently it can't be done and he has no plans to introduce the facility as VAT laws are "fiendishly complicated".

    But by not changing it we aren't following VAT laws and this could get us into trouble. Time to look for another cart I think.

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