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Re:Alert for Abandoned Cart

    Feb 06 2017 13:41:03



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    This happens regularly with PayPal. Customer pays on PayPal and then forgot to return to the cart. This way , the cart does not know the order has been completed and will NOT send you an email.
    However, in this case PAYPAL should be alerting you to a received payment.

    Only other cases it happens if the customer gets confused about the payment method they should choose or maybe which shipping zone applies.

    TeaHerbMilkSoaps said Hi,

    I don't usually check the orders link for my account, but I am aware that it lists all customer orders. However, yesterday, I decided to check it and there was an incomplete order (in red) or what might be known as an abandoned cart as the customer did not follow through by paying for the order.

    She filled out all of her info, including email address, street address and phone number, so I sent her an email offering 10% off if she completes her order by Jan 26, 2017.

    I would like to know if it's possible to set up alerts so that when a customer does not complete their order with a payment, that I receive an email alert so I can offer an incentive, such as 10% off.

    Thank you.