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Special Characters in Address BUG. Must be fixed. IMPORTANT!

    Feb 28 2017 17:06:32



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    Special characters, i.e. non "English" characters do not seem to go through in the address fields when orders are placed. This has caused shipments to not be delivered, costing me money and customers. Not cool!

    Example: Customer entered in this:
    Joey Lønsmann Jensen
    Morbærhaven 2,-7
    DENMARK, 2620

    I only received this:
    DENMARK 2620

    I don't have time to double check every address and contact my customers to make sure I received it properly.

    This is not a feature request. It's a huge bug that needs to be fixed.

    Thank you in advance for resolving this issue in a very timely manner.

    Feb 28 2017 22:32:48



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    I don't know whether it is a bug or just requires you to make a specification change. may offer a clue.

    Mal doesn't monitor the forum regularly and those who do are users like yourself so you would need to contact him directly. See Contact below.

    Some shipping help documents are available at