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Re:Customer Accounts Feature - Everyone please read!

    Mar 02 2017 21:37:36


    Analia H. Smith

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    GT said If I remember sorrectly, Mal covered this some years ago and at the time the feeling was that it would cost a great deal of money not only to develop, but also storage of the data on his servers.

    People here complain about the cost of a premium cart, to add server storage could double or even triple the premium cost, (this facilty would not be available to a free cart).

    So, there would need to be another premium cart as not everyone needs the database, how many carts and would it be worthwhile creating? Mal thought not as I recall.

    I can appreciate and understand the potential hassle and difficulties.

    That's why I suggest he charge more for the feature. Mal's has most of what we need but this stands out like a sore thumb. I'd be willing to bet many/most customers would sign-up for the feature.

    I think the only hope we have of every seeing this feature is if we let Mal know it is important to both us and our customers.

    Hopefully Mal will chime in and let us know if this is something he plans on adding or if its not going to happen.

    You guys agree this would be a nice/needed feature? When's the last time you checked out online and couldn't save your address, payment info, or see your order history?