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Re:Customer Accounts Feature - Everyone please read!

    Mar 02 2017 23:06:33


    Ian S

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    Mals cart has provided an order history feature for well over a year now - we use it al the time and customers can log in to see their current orders, plus any archived orders (more than 56 days old).

    It works very well though I think it is only available to premium cart users.

    I really can't see why anyone would have a problem with the cost of a premium cart though - it is so cheap at $24.00 for 3 months.

    The downside of the processing system if you have lots of orders is that you cannot update or archive them in bulk, nor is there an auto archive facility - so you must manually archive an order before the 56 days is up or it's gone for good.

    We've asked Mal in the past if an auto archive or bulk handling facility could be available but he was concerned at users storing huge amounts of data - but we would happily pay more for the cart if these tools were available as it would save us many hours a month in updating orders one by one.