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Re:Customer Accounts Feature - Everyone please read!

    Mar 03 2017 00:46:06


    Ian S

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    Can't do that unless you place an order with us.

    If you have a premium cart then if you go into 'cart settings' you will see a section titled 'order processing'

    There are links to help files there. Here is one of them (not sure if this will work if you don't have premium)

    Mal doesn't seem to make much or no reference to this feature on his main website - not sure why as it's a great feature.

    Your customers can log into to see past and current orders. You customise the number of progress steps you show your customers :

    We use

    Order in process
    Ready for dispatch
    Delayed - customer e mailed

    You can use as many as 8 various stages

    There is also a facility to e mail the various stages to your customer as you update the process stages, though we don't use this yet.

    There should be other forum threads on this subject if you search 'order processing'