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Re:Downloads - link back to website not available

    Mar 16 2017 23:33:12



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    MsMom said In Paypal, do you have the return url in place (assuming business Paypal)? in My Selling tools; Web Site Preferences

    Apologies for the delay in replying. I don't think my PayPal account is a Business account because it has a link to upgrade if I want to. However, I do have seller tools. It was some time ago I created the account and it was the one between a personal account and a business account.

    I do have a URL in the Return URL box and Auto Return is ON. I have also specified return links at the Mal's end in the Products for download section. The Mal's links take the form..
    <a href="">Go to Download Page</a>

    It used to work but I think things look different at the PayPal end now. When I did a test purchase, I noticed there was a link that you had 10 seconds to click (or something like that). Is this what is catching customers out? Would clicking on that link bring them back to my site and the download link page?