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For UK or US based users with a free shopping cart account, this is for you!

    Mar 17 2017 18:26:33



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    Mal posted this on FB.

    I think PayPal have produced something quite special with their new Braintree service and I've made it available to people using a free account. It's what I would call a proper card payment method but without any fixed monthly costs or setup fees (unlike PayPal Pro) so it is ideal for smaller merchants. It uses a lot of Javascript and CSS to hide the fact that it is hosted by PayPal so I'm afraid it is only available in the cart's Modern v2 version.

    Given that it is free to set up, if you don't currently have a proper card payment method then I think you owe it to yourself and your customers to check it out. If you don't like it, you can always turn it off again and you've lost nothing...

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