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Re:Price not transfering to cart

    Mar 30 2017 08:54:19



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    You have two productpr syntax:
    <input type="hidden" name="productpr[] value=""/>
    <select name="productpr[]">

    So you are confusing the cart and it is possibly using the first value which is zero.

    If using productpr, there is no product syntax, but you are using one.

    You are using square brackets, there is no need to use these with productpr.

    You are using qty1 although there is only one product...
    <input name="qty1" size="1" type="hidden" value="1" />
    Use instead:
    <input name="qty" size="1" type="hidden" value="1" />

    You do not have any return value, is this needed or not?

    A working form would be:

    <form action=""; method="post">
    <div style="display: none;">
    <input name="userid" type="hidden" value="691XXXXX" />
    <input name="inv_country" type="hidden" value="US" />
    <input name="qty" size="1" type="hidden" value="1" />

    Joining as:
    <select name="productpr">
    <option value="Membership I:25"> Individual $25</option>
    <option value="Membership F:50"> Friend $50</option>
    <option value="Membership H:100"> Household/Family $100</option>
    <option value="Membership N:200"> Neighbor $200</option>
    <option value="Membership A:500"> Advocate $500</option>
    <option value="Membership S:1000"> Steward $1000</option>

    <h4>Enter Your Information</h4>
    Name: <input name="inv_name" size="20" type="text" />
    Address: <input name="inv_addr1" size="60" type="text" />
    City: <input name="inv_addr2" type="text" /> State: <input name="inv_state" type="text" size="2" /> Zip: <input name="inv_zip" type="text" size="5" />
    Phone: <input name="tel" type="text" /> Email: <input name="email" type="text" />
    <div><input type="submit" value="Continue to Payment Info" /></div>

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