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Re:Discountpr with separate dropdown scodes?

    Apr 03 2017 10:18:50



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    In my initial example I simplified the scodes and options. In reality there are 8 to 10 colors of each cable type and 8 to 10 lengths. Our scodes are more advanced than the simplified example in my first post and allow us to discount say just blue cables - or just 3 foot cables - etc. depending on inventory levels etc. through Mals Discount Coupons. We also use the scodes to track item sales on the backend for accounting. inventory, etc.

    Our current website does not allow for mixing of the colors to receive the quantity discount and this has not ever been an issue in the 15 to 20 years. It would be nice to be able to do offer mixed colors at a discount but it would still have to be by the same length only.

    Our cart has a "close window and return shopping" button that returns shoppers right back where they were so it is only a one button push to get back and add more.

    The reason I was looking for a solution is that we are in the process of changing our site to a more multiple platform/mobile friendly site. Right now each cable and each length is listed individually and this takes up some real estate on the pages - we were looking for options/solutions to reduce page space.

    I usually have no problem figuring this stuff out, but just can not wrap my head around discountpr with multiple scodes in a dropdown scenario.