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Low Pricing

    Apr 23 2017 08:06:41



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    I don't quite understand why mals-e, which I know from 2003, is really cheap (us$ 8.oo) monthly fee, in comparison with other solutions that charges about a minimum of us$ 25.oo per month and for one site-store only.

    I saw that the other offer a lot of features which are not included in Mals-e but maybe it can be included as third party AddOns, right? A wish list for example, a module of reviews from other customer who purchased a particular product or service.

    If I want to integrate a different payment gateway, do I have to pay additionally for that integration?

    Is different a Payment Gateway than a Payment Processor?
    Thanks for your patience.

    Apr 25 2017 03:42:19


    Debbie Q

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    The list of payment processors can be found here. You can also custom setup a gateway.

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