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Re:FREE shipping on select items

    May 05 2017 07:48:33



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    Apologies for delay - I've been on the high seas for the last couple of weeks. I can't see a simple answer.

    If it were the only item in an order you might change the weight to 11.9 and set up another option - 'Only for IR W7 drill' - with
    The first 11.8 units cost 1000 the band
    The next 0.1 units cost -1000 the band
    The next 1000 units cost 1000 the band

    which would prove unattractive for other products. Maybe include a note suggesting ordering this product on its own to see the best shipping options.

    However, there would be a problem if an order could total exactly 11.9 units from other products.

    Some shipping help documents are available at