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Continue Shopping link on Shopping Cart page

    May 05 2017 16:17:29



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    I know questions like this have been posted here numerous times but I simply cannot find an answer to my question.

    Here is a link to one of the shopping pages on my site If you select any of the items and click the Order button you are taken to the cart page and everything functions properly.

    However, at the top of that cart page are two link, Return to the Bobbi Panter Homepage and Continue Shopping. That Continue Shopping link goes to a page that does not exist and I am looking for a way to change it or remove it. On the cart setup page I see the Continue Shopping option but it does not allow me to change the URL of the continue shopping hyperlink on the cart page.

    I have added the following fields to each item on the page provided above:
    <input name="return" type="hidden" value=""; id="return">. This does produce a Continue Shopping button on my cart page but I can't seem to find a way to change that continue shopping link at the top of the page.


    May 05 2017 18:05:56



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    You need to specify the page title so that it returns to the same page.

    <input name="return" type="hidden" value="">;

    <input name="return" type="hidden" value="

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    May 05 2017 18:19:07



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    Thanks DB.

    I understand giving the exact URL to go to a specific page within the site. My problem is the hyperlink at the very top of the cart page that says Continue Shopping. It is linked to this page which does not appear anywhere within the site nor in any of my code within the site.

    At this point I would be happy just to remove the Continue Shopping hyperlink at the top of the page and use a continue shopping button but I can't find where the setting for that is.


    May 05 2017 21:39:37


    Debbie Q

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    The links at the top of the page appear to be links that you put in the header message setup box.

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    May 05 2017 23:18:58



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    Debbie !,

    Thank you SO much. I must have looked at that header messages page a dozen times and just did not see that. I took this site over to redesign it and have been working on trying to get familiar with Mal's, which I do like.

    Once again, your response was much appreciated!


    Apr 27 2018 07:20:32



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    Anyone know of a way to link the "Continue Shopping" button to whatever page the customer was viewing when clicking on the "View Cart" button instead of sending everyone to my home page and make them search for the page that they were already viewing?

    Steve Cee

    Apr 27 2018 07:51:03



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    <form action=""; method="get">
    <input name="userid" value="E9120065" type="hidden">
    <input name="return" value=""; type="hidden">
    <input value="View your cart/checkout" type="submit">

    change the return value to your required page...

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