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Re:Discount Vouchers not expiring at midnight local time

    May 19 2017 01:23:06



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    Got a reply from Mal saying

    "a coupon set to expire on the 18th May won't expire until the date rolls over to 19th May"

    whether that is when May 19th arrives at GMT or local time is unclear.

    There seems to be a bug in the Discount Vouchers configuration screen. During the day of May 18th around 7PM GMT or 2PM CDT here in Canada, I tried to change an existing Voucher whose expiration date was that of May 19th (aka it would expire once it reaches May 20th either GMT or local time) to expire on May 18th (aka once it reaches May 19th GMT or local time). The system instead blanked out the date after I saved it. So it changed it to a non expiring Discount Voucher.

    I am awaiting further clarification on both of these issues.