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Move Cart to a different Mal's account?

    May 26 2017 15:53:37



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    I am cutting back on web work and have several customer's carts in my Mal's account. I think I can get them to set up their own acct and then they can manage their cart that's in my acct from their new acct, but that isn't all that different from how it is now, with them accessing their cart using their own password. Is there a way to move the cart entirely into a new Mal's account without having to redo all the settings and change the cart #? I'm hoping to shut down my Mal's acct eventually.

    May 30 2017 03:54:39


    Debbie Q

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    I think if you email Mal he can delete the carts from your account and they can set up their own my account and keep their original carts.

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    Jun 02 2017 17:37:35



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    Thanks, I'll check with Mal.