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New Client Orders not being sent to e mail address

    May 29 2017 15:23:42



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    Hi is any body experiencing a problem - system has been fine but today we've received an order but Mal's didn't send through the normal "client Order Mail". I haven't changed any settings, or updated our website so not sure if theres an issue somewhere on the Mals Commerce system. All my prefs are correct.

    May 30 2017 03:51:10


    Debbie Q

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    Unfortunately it is a very common occurrence. It is worse depending on what email address you use. Many block the order emails and do not let them come through. They don't let them go to the spam folder or anything.

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    May 30 2017 07:13:37



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    Hi thanks for this Debbie Q - did check my SPAMs etc but they were all clear. Irechecked my prefs and updated . Went to my site and did a test order and hey presto it came through along with the missing orders. Interestingly on the test order it had added a line ionitially as "Test Product" with a price anyway job done I'll keep an eye on it in future!