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Help setting up shipping

    May 30 2017 05:39:26



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    I would like to set up the cart to base shipping on the number of items in the cart at a flat rate. In other words once a person orders a certain number it will jump to the next flat rate. I use Fedex flat rate boxes and have small medium and large boxes. Is there a way I can do this?

    May 30 2017 10:08:30



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    You might use standard shipping, option 6. For example

    4 ___ 8.50
    4 ___ 2.50
    rest _ 6

    This would charge 8.50 for 1-4 items, 11 for 5-8 items, 17 for 9 or more.

    I'm not familiar, and am unable to experiment, with FEDEX Express Saver using Advanced shipping. If that could provide the rates you need you would have to give each product a units value of 1.

    Some shipping help documents are available at