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    Jun 19 2017 17:49:18



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    I only sell 2 different types of items on my site.
    Shoes and Plates.
    For the shoes it is a flat shipping of $6 no matter how many they purchase in the USA. The shoe to Canada I would like charge actual price for the shoes.

    The plate also ships for $6 in the USA. To Canada is $17 per plate.
    I am having a hard time figuring out how to do the Canada shipping.

    Is this even possible?


    Jun 19 2017 19:20:24



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    So any number of shoes to USA costs 6. Do you mean $6 each plate or $6 for any number to the US?

    And by 'actual price' do you mean whatever the delivery service would charge?

    Some shipping help documents are available at