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Re:Adding optional prices to main item

    Jun 25 2017 21:29:40



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    GT said I sse that I can order 10 Panasonic 4 pole 2.5mm Right angle switch, yet only choose one colour, what if I want to order 5 different colours (2 for each switch)?

    The qty of the main product should equal the number of colours chosen, this may lead to you having to phone the customer to clarify the order and to charge them more.

    A script to do what you want shouldn't take long for me to build.

    By the way, I'd run your website through a spell checker... Check out our Products apge for more details

    Spelling fixed... at least what I could find!

    At this time you can only add, at most, one of each item to your cart in one go, then adjust quantity from the cart page if you want more than one of a particular item. If you wanted more than one, but a different colour for each, then you'd have to select "continue shopping" and then add the different colour. I'm ok with that at the moment, as it isn't often I get orders for more than one of a particular item. But I do see how what you are saying could be simpler for the buyer. I'm not sure how you go about making it so you can choose more than one option from teh drop down menu though... I can pretty much follow everything that I've done to get it where it is, but I'm guessing to do the multi-options and then set the quantity to the number of colours chosen would likely involve some js. Im' not sure if that'll start making it more complicated than I'd like? Fortunately I've not had any issues at all with the checkout process, so far.

    but if you are able to assist with the script that would be awesome and very much appreciated!

    Thank you.