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Re:shipping question

    Jul 07 2017 17:09:27



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    Option 5: Calculated by weight or other value from an array
    With this option you can set up an array so that shipping is calculated on the basis of values you asigned to each item when they were added to the cart. For example; for the first Kilo shipping might cost $10. For the second to ninth Kilos, $5 per Kilo (or per units), and for more than ten Kilos, free of charge. You can set the bands where you want.

    You can assign shipping to a maximum of five zones, for example; local, national, international and so on.

    Automatically set units to equal the price (shipping by value)

    Set up a table, up to 120 units / cost 15
    the rest -15

    That way, you can easily build any other areas for shipping in the future if needed.

    Hope it helps.

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