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checkout field issue

    Jul 28 2017 00:13:50



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    For the checkout fields I have used the following labels in place of Full Name and Company

    First Name
    Last Name

    but it wont allow you to go through the cart because it keeps giving an error saying

    Sorry! Please enter your full name.

    If I untick the box that says validate it works. Am I doing something wrong here


    Jul 28 2017 17:15:10



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    Under checkout fields in cart set up, I don't see first name and last name as fields...

    Even posting your own order details form doesn't list first and last names...

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    Jul 28 2017 23:10:08



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    Hi GT

    Above the field names it clearly states you can you use your own label names for your fields.

    I assume then this is a misleading feature then if you can't do it

    Jul 29 2017 07:48:28



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    Cart V2 allows changing of default field names. The first field, named by default as Full Name, seems to require at least two strings to validate.

    Jul 29 2017 07:54:00



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 139

    Thanks Geoff thats exactly what I have found as well.
    Seems to defeat the purpose if you can name them to what you like but it will only validate to the original field names.