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Re:Will pay for help with shipping setup.

    Aug 11 2017 22:36:31



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    Where do I start. I have 3 different weights of parts I sell. 8lb parts are $15 for shipping, 4lb parts are $10 for shipping, 1lb parts are $3 for shipping and parts that have a good margin are free shipping. There are so many intermixing of these parts scenarios is the problem. If someone orders a part that costs $15 to ship and it's the only part they order that's easy, the cart adds $15 to the total and we're all good. But if someone orders a part that costs $15 to ship plus a part that costs $3 to ship it will total $18 for shipping in the cart but being I can put the $3 for shipping part in with the $15 for shipping part I would want only $15 charged for shipping. I would get questions from clients saying why the $3 for shipping part can't go in with the $15 for shipping part. I've been doing this for 20 years and believe me they do complain. I always under charge a bit for shipping as if they complain they will see they never pay full shipping. The parts I charge $15 for shipping are actually $17 ish, the $10 for shipping parts are $12 ish and so on. I'm really down to if 1 part of any number of parts put in the cart costs $15 then that's all I want charged on the entire order is $15 no mater how big the order is. It would be free shipping for all other parts on the order. And if someone orders 3 parts that cost $3 shipping for each I want only 1 charge for $3 shipping, not $3 x 3 or $9 for shipping. I have not done it yet but I will have no problem putting the code on each page telling the cart what shipping amount to put in the cart, the problem is telling the cart which of the shipping costs to total in the cart. All cannot be totaled in the cart or shipping will show to high and I will loose lots of sales. So in conclusion, what I need is if 5 $3 for shipping parts are put in the cart only $3 for shipping is charged total. If 5 $10 for shipping parts are put into the cart then $10 total for shipping is charged. If there is a $15 for shipping part put into the cart along with a $3 and a $10 for shipping part then the $3 and $10 for shipping parts get thrown out and $15 for shipping total is charged for the whole order. If there is a free shipping part in the cart then everything put into the cart is free shipping. This is what I am currently doing manually after I get the orders. Both my clients and I feel this is a fair price to pay for shipping. I am willing to pay several hundred dollars to get this to automatically work in the cart if special coding is needed. Thanks for any light you can shine on this. Rich