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Re:Will pay for help with shipping setup.

    Aug 13 2017 13:33:24



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    Other thoughts.

    Change the units value for 'free shipping' items to 0 and only they would be free.

    You can have 28 bands in an Advanced shipping table, so can add intermediate entries. For example, if thirty $3 items push the actual shipping cost up to $5, the table in my last post could become

    The first 29 units are charged 3 the band
    The next 70 units are charged 2 the band
    The next 9900 units are charged 5 the band
    The next 990000 units are charged 5 the band
    The rest units are charged -15 the band.

    This retains the idea that the shipping cost is based only on the most expensive items to ship, ignoring cheaper items, but moves charges nearer to reality.

    Some shipping help documents are available at