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2 completely different orders shared the same data?

    Aug 24 2017 19:00:24



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    This one has got me stumped. Two completely different orders, from two different people on different computers show the same data from a text field that they have to fill out. It is not pre-populated or a choice they can choose, they have to fill in the text field if they want to use it. Here is what I do know:

    1) The orders have completely different Shopper Id's
    2) The product ordered is exactly the same.
    3) The Invoice details are completely different EXCEPT for the IP because they work in the same building and placed there orders while in the building using it's WIFI.
    4) One of the customers said they shopped on the site but didn't complete the order right away. It was approximately 20 minutes before she completed the order.
    5) The second customer who completed her order got the first customers optional text field data instead of the text they entered.
    6) I've spoken to both customers, they claim to NOT know each other or use the same computer. If that is true, how could this have happened???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have to give them an answer as to how this could have happened, I've never heard of this before....

    Aug 25 2017 08:53:15


    Mal Stewart

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    The state management system is complex, that is the system which tells people apart, and it uses: the username of the store, the browser type/version and a cookie or the IP address. If all those things are the same, as can happen if people are using identical computer systems, including the same browser type, in the same building and buying from the same store, then the cart may see the two people (browsers) as the same. Basically, the requests made by their browsers are identical in every way. Normally even people in the same building will look different to the cart as it will use a cookie but that only works if they have cookies turned on and after the first click. A cookie is sent to the browser with the first Add to cart, only when they add a second product or click Recalculate will the cart "know" the cookie is available to identify the browser and start using it. If there is no cookie available then the cart will fall back to using the IP.

    The most likely scenario is that person A clicks to add to the cart. Then before person A does anything else, person B in same building clicks to add something to the cart. Persons B's request will come in without the cookie sent to person A so the cart will assume that there is one person with cookies turned off and will switch to using IP instead.

    The state management system is only required for the main cart page, the Add to Cart and Review cart links. Once someone moves on to the checkout system state is maintained by passing a unique id from page to page which is always 100% reliable.

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