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Re:Having trouble with shipping settings

    Aug 29 2017 11:39:03


    Classical Cara

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    Alan said may be similar. Some questions

    Is shipping for each item priced separately? For example would three small antiques cost three times as much to ship as one?

    If the order includes large antiques, would jewellery and small antiques be shipped in the same box as the large antiques and be included in that price?

    I could put the jewelry in the medium or large Priority box if someone ordered both. Hardly anyone does that so it would be out of the norm. People who buy antiques usually buy only what they collect so it would be all vintage jewelry, all antique glass, etc But it's possible so I never say never. I could even do free shipping for anything under a pound if that will make it easier to do in the cart settings. I looked at the link to the other post and that is the same problem that I am having, but I don't understand the directions. I am so confused. Thank you for your help!