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Review Order page shows as not secure

    Sep 22 2017 18:29:28



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    I'm trying to change my URL under "yourdetails" from http to https, but it won't save the change. I have updated this in my return link but I am assuming it should be updated in my user profile as well.

    Also, is the Mal's shopping cart itself secure? When I test my form (used it for years, no problems; just updated the "action" to go to https://wwXX.aitsafe.... This seems to have stopped an error message I was getting when I clicked Add To Cart (warning me that the page was not secure, although it should be).

    However, when I go to the Review order page, the security icon shows that there are problems (lock icon has a warning yellow triangle). I have updated the Customize section and also my form's code so that the Continue Shopping button code shows my return URL as https.

    I'm wondering if it might have something to do with the top banner on the Review page. I don't see where I would have entered a URL or uploaded an image for this (nothing shows in the Image Library in the cart setup). I think it's the same one I use for Paypal, so is that being pulled in from Paypal maybe?

    EDITED: No, the banner is being displayed from my own site, but I have no idea where that Review page is getting the instruction to do that. Just checked Paypal and I don't see anything there about a banner URL. And nothing I changed there has changed the unsecure icon on the Review page.

    Many thanks for your help.

    Sep 23 2017 03:55:54


    Debbie Q

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    You are probably using the old style way for using the logo image. On the image library page look on the right hand column where it says...."Click here if you want to host the images yourself".. Click there. If there is a URL listed there remove it or if your image is hosted securely, change it to https

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    Sep 24 2017 17:54:04



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    Thank you, Debbie Q! That did the trick. And gave me a chance to improve my banner/logo too. :-) Thanks so much!