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Loyalty Discount Code

    Sep 24 2017 15:11:10



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    I currently offer a discount on multiple purchases (using the Discount Table) on the basis of:
    2 items 10%
    3 items 15%
    5 or more items 20%

    I want to offer an additional discount (using a Voucher code ), of 10% for Returning Customers who like to purchase items one at a time.

    My problem is... if i simply issue a voucher code for 10% and they then order 2 items (or more) they'll end up with a 20% discount (or more!!).
    I only want the voucher to apply if they order just 1 item (it's a 'loyalty' voucher for repeat customers who like to buy 1 item at a time).

    Any suggestions as to how I could set this up?