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Thai Language

    Sep 27 2017 01:46:45



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    I would like to use it in Thai language.
    I can translate by myself.
    And I can give the translation for you all to use.
    Is there any file I can create with Thai language and then upload/send it to you?
    Or, more simple,
    can I just translate and get it to the check out only these words:
    Shipping address
    Full name:
    Country: Thailand
    State or Province:
    Postal or ZIP code:
    Payment for this order
    Select your payment method:
    Remember my name and address for my future purchases.
    Thank you, bye

    Sep 29 2017 17:08:13



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    Yoiu might ask Mal - see contact below.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Oct 01 2017 07:39:08



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    Alan said Yoiu might ask Mal - see contact below.

    Done it, will see...
    Thank you

    Nov 07 2017 15:52:15



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    Was there an answer from Mal on this question? I have the same question after checking the list of languages, Thai is not one of languages listed. Although the Thai Baht is part of the currencies list.
    Can Thai language be added to Mal's cart?
    Also for restricting orders to certain areas there is no provision for South East Asia or any of it's individual countries. Australia and New Zealand are the only countries listed in that sphere.