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Re:Mobile pages and the Mal Cart's problematic Return Shopping URL

    Sep 30 2017 13:51:13



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    GT said If a customer orders a product and decides to continue shopping, then the cart contents are passed back to the website. This information is used by many different scripts by countless websites. I have not seen anyone complain about it upsetting a mobile website before, in what way is the return doing this?


    DUDA considered these URL as 2 different URL.
    URL added on mobile site -
    Return Shopping URL -

    The uncontrollable result is the shopping cart isnít returning to Dudaís set up mobile page (the page we want it to return to), as it would if it was simply going back to

    This and I would image itís iterations if there is content in the shopping cart are routing back to a page, but not well designed mobile page we want.

    As I asked in the original post, is there a way to strip out this in Mal Cart on the return?:

    In Google Analytics Iíve seen these Return pages, also treated as a new or different page than their original sending URL.