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How to create a link for affiliates

    Oct 09 2017 21:53:13



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    I have my Affiliate page ready to go and 3 affiliates signed up.
    How do I generate a link for each of them to post on their Facebook pages?
    I have a link where it says to create their links for them, so when they copy it and post it will it just say for example.. shop my website with Kristen...or will it show all the html as well.
    I have no clue how to generate html for them to do that. SO I am totally confused on this one!
    I have no idea how to shorten a link do to that.
    Can you help?
    Thank you!

    Oct 10 2017 03:14:15


    Debbie Q

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    When your affiliates sign up they are given a password to sign in where they get their html affiliate code with their special number that will give them credit.

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