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Secure Website URL setting

    Oct 19 2017 13:29:16


    Craig Smith

    Join date : 2015-07-13      Posts : 5

    I have upgraded my website to the current best practices, so it always forces visitors to the secure (https://) pages. The problem I have is in the shopping cart admin area ( I try to add the secure Website URL, but it always reverts back to the insecure url. I think there are ways to set the return link to the secure, but I think this is a missing feature.

    Craig Smith

    Oct 19 2017 16:30:13



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    In cart set up / return link, have you used the https from the dropdown?

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    Oct 19 2017 16:41:55


    Craig Smith

    Join date : 2015-07-13      Posts : 5

    I did see that I can set the return links to be correct in other places. I guess this is just is just bringing up a minor issue that could be fixed. Thanks.

    Craig Smith