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Re:Shipping Options

    Oct 20 2017 20:01:14



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    Yes, you can specify a units value for each product and make the shipping cost equal the units total. If orders are normally for a single product, that would work. If there are multiple products, the shipping cost may be excessive. In some cases, three of an item may not cost more to ship than one.

    Another approach is to give the weight as the units value and charge based on weight.

    There are two ways of doing this with the free cart.
    One is to have a table with steps - but this offers only five possible different charges. You can define up to 5 tables, for example a free shipping table, a continental US table, and one for Alaska Hawaii etc..

    1 _____ 3
    3 _____ 3
    5 _____ 4
    5 _____ 4
    rest ___ 5

    The table rows are cumulative. Using standard shipping option 7
    this would charge 3 for up to 1 unit, 6 for up to 4 units, 10 for up to 9 units, 14 for up to 14 units, and 19 for 15 or more units. Those are the five values from this table.

    The other approach uses option 5 where the COST column has multipliers. (In practice the same numbers wouldn't be likely if using option 5). The same table would charge 3 for the first unit, plus 3 each for the second, third and fourth units, then 4 for each of the next ten units, and 5 for each unit over 14.

    Some shipping help documents are available at