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Re:Shopping cart multiple

    Oct 24 2017 09:40:37



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    Alan said You need addmulti.cfm if you have multiple products. All need a numeric suffix.

    Thanks Alan for putting me on the right path. I had tried addmulti.cfm earlier but something was still not right, so experimented with the other. However with this configuration everything worked: <form action=""; method="post">
    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="productpr1" VALUE=" " >
    <select name="product1[]"></select>
    <SELECT name="productpr1"> </SELECT>
    <textarea name="product1[]" rows="3" cols="60"></TEXTAREA>
    I'm still not clear on the uses of [] - where it does belong and when it doesn't. But as usual, when it works, stop fiddling.