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Re:Shipping questions

    Nov 02 2017 17:06:06



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    A rough and ready approach would be to set a product's units value to its US shipping cost.

    A Standard Shipping table with option 5 and 1 in the COST column would then charge that amount for the product. If you had two products then the two shipping costs would be added together.

    rest ___ 1 ___ multiply the units total by 1

    You can have 5 such zone tables so if it costs twice as much to ship to Europe you could put 2 in the cost column for a Europe zone table, doubling the shipping charge. (I did say rough and ready).

    Use of 'Bands' means not all units need be charged at the same rate. The first band might be priced at a fixed rate, e.g. the first 3 cost 5, or at a fixed rate for each unit in the band, say 2 per unit.

    In the first example, 1, 2, or 3 units would cost 5 in total. In the second case, 1 unit would cost 2, 2 units would 4, and 3 units would cost 6.

    The next band might have different values. For example covering the next 5 units at a rate of 1.5.

    Mal's Advanced shipping includes the option to calculate USPS, UPS and other prices but these are generally based on the units total representing the total weight of the shipment, ignoring dimensions, and presumably assuming a single package.

    Some shipping help documents are available at