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International shipping is different

    Nov 05 2017 17:48:35



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    We have the cart set up appropriately for US Shipments. But we want international shoppers to contact us for info about shipping fees.
    We don't want to prohibit purchases we just want them to contact us for shipping info.
    Do you have suggestions for how to manage this? Thanks.

    Kerch McC

    Nov 06 2017 16:45:40



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    write it on the shipping page and your website maybe?

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    Nov 06 2017 20:21:45



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    Once they know the amount they could order with the shipping cost being a product where the price is a text field.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Nov 10 2017 12:34:23



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    We put the following on the shopping basket page and state something similar in the Terms and Conditions.

    "If you are outside the UK we will email you with Shipping costs within 3 working days (unless a delay is noted in the shopping basket) after you order but you must complete the order via the shopping basket checkout. More Details (opens in new page)"

    The More Details opens on a page with details of shipping costs for different zones by weight so they may be able to work it out for themselves. We get a lot of non-uk orders and the majority go ahead with the order.

    But then we don't charge their card until we send out the order, if you use paypal or something more automatic for charging it may be more of a problem.

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