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Card Verification Number (CSC code)

    Nov 06 2017 16:59:35


    David Satterthwaite

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    Hello! Can you please tell me how to allow (and require) users to enter this during payment?

    Nov 07 2017 12:26:47



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    During the Check Out process, when you select 'Payment by Credit or Debit card' it automatically appears as a field that you enter the 3 digits.

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    Nov 10 2017 12:36:54



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    I seem to remember some of the newer servers not allowing the CV number to be captured, we were told we would have to use the messaging option to get the number.
    Luckily all our websites are on old servers.

    If you can't get cv to work then email mal and ask him to move you to an old server?

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    Nov 10 2017 16:41:48



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    Maybe cart setup / payment methods / standard methods where I see a check box 'Collect CVV from cards'.

    Some shipping help documents are available at