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Quantity Field Allows Fractional Quantities!

    Dec 05 2017 00:40:49



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    We are long-time Mal's users. I'm surprised this hasn't happened before - but recently a customer purchased some items and in the quantity field entered "0.2" versus 1, or 2, 3, etc.

    Because of that, pricing and shipping were adjusted accordingly!

    Is there a way that we can force the quantity field to be WHOLE NUMBERS only, and/or the number "1" at minimum?

    Here is the site:

    Try purchasing "1/2 a bar of soap" - - - it allows you to enter 0.5 in the quantity for one bar of soap, and charges you HALF the price ($2.50 versus $5.00).

    Hope this makes sense. Again: how to require WHOLE NUMBERS ONLY in the quantity field. Thank you!

    Dec 05 2017 05:13:40


    Debbie Q

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    Under "Language, country and currency" is a spot to set the quantity to positive integers only.

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    Dec 05 2017 06:53:35



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    Thank you Debbie! That did it!