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mOrders Help file?

    Mar 23 2009 15:38:53



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    Has anyone been able to locate where the help info for mOrders Plus 4.18 is located? I'm trying to establish how to use templates. As a couple people have pointed out, clicking on the "Help" only routes back to the mOrders page with no further info.

    Mar 28 2009 03:46:55



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    I think the mOrders page is all there is, but...

    Are your referring to email templates or reports?

    Email templates:
    - Email templates are just html files in the email directory under morders program directory. Insert variables in templates by prefacing variable names with #. (Look at the example templates provided)
    - Define templates under Preferences, Lists
    - Assign templates to order status changes under Preferences, Automated e-mail