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Re:Using Google Analytics to Track Sales Conversions

    Sep 10 2008 02:46:04



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    tom g said: Edited: Yes, we use Google Analytics to track conversion rates. A few suggestions:

    Thanks Tom. I did find a link to the old forums and found a thread that was very useful which I printed out as a reference. Based on what I read I assume I'll need to set up two separate goal funnels.

    G1 Successful Checkout Email Invoice
    G2 Successful Checkout PayPal

    In theory I guess I would need a third if I wanted to track Google Checkout orders as well correct?

    I went ahead and set up the first goal G1 Successful Checkout Email Invoice however I'm not yet seeing the data in Google Analytics. Does it take awhile to register?

    My second question is regarding PayPal. Now if I want to funnel orders via PayPal the first few steps are the same.

    Add item
    Go to payments
    Choose payment method

    Now when selecting PayPal you're redirected to a PayPal URL with lots of parameters. How would one go about correctly inputting that step into the goal funnel?