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Re:User name not found - HELP!

    Mar 28 2009 03:04:02



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    Thanks, Michael. I am using as the user name the account ID that is in the cart links - A416528 which is what the cart setup screen shows as a user name. I thought that was what I always had used in the past. It has worked flawlessly for over 2 years. I am also entering the password I use to get into the cart setup pages and also the password I use for getting payments in the respective fields of the download manager preferences fields.

    In the site description field I have been entering my site's URL, but I tried it with the ww8... server and it still says, "User name not found"

    It's such a simple thing to set up, just 3 or 4 fields, but I am not getting anywhere now.

    Any other ideas, or did I misunderstand your suggestion?