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Country text field instead of drop down list

    Mar 28 2009 20:19:02



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    I have two Mal's-e accounts. One of them was set up a while ago, and now I'm setting up the new one with the same specs as the first account. The first account has a country text field instead of a drop down list. For the new account, I'd like to have a country text field too (my cart is in Dutch and the drop down country list is in English, so I prefer to avoid that my Dutch customers will see English country names).

    How can I change the drop down list to a text field?


    Mar 30 2009 06:49:16



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    I'm not sure which list you are referring to but in cart setup customization, language and currency, you can create your own list of countries from which orders are allowed. Might that help?

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Mar 30 2009 18:27:12



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    Hi jv,

    Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it!
    You are right, I can decide which countries are included in the list. However the problem is I don't want to use a list, since the list is available in English only (and my webshop is in Dutch). I prefer a text field only so my customers can type their country name themselves. It's just that I don't know where to change the country list into a text field.


    Apr 02 2009 20:53:18



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    Anyone who can give me a hint? I'd be very grateful!


    Apr 02 2009 23:27:52



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    Maybe you should email Mal about it. He might have a solution.

    Apr 03 2009 20:05:36



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    OK, I'll do that, thanks!