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Re:Using Google Analytics to Track Sales Conversions

    Sep 10 2008 03:15:49



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    tom g said: - There is a time lag of about 12 hours or so. By default, Google Analytics shows data through the previous day. If you change the end date to the current day, you only see partial data.

    Thanks for the clarification. After setting up the Google Analytics coding on our site on one product page I ran a few test orders. One of the test orders is now showing up under the Ecommerce area which is great. Hopefully the others will appear by tomorrow. If so I can proceed forward with the setup on the remaining pages.

    - Google checkout is a whole other thing - it doesn't work with Mal's cart.

    I'm surprised that Google Checkout doesn't work with the tracking features as we've been using it with Mal's for a few months now. Only a small percentage of our orders are paid using GC so I'm not too worried about it at this point.

    - I'm not very familiar with Paypal and the configuration would depend on which version you are using - Express, Standard or Pro. In order to include it in the funnel, the Paypal page has to include the Analytics code with your ID. If you use Head Match in your funnel setup, Analytics will ignore the query string and just match on the page name.

    Hmmm this will definitely present a problem. I will have to think about it a little more.